Whatever your goals, sorting out drug related problems is helped by reducing the “need” to use
Reducing the need to use basically means finding things that can take the place of using.  In fact, did you know that after helping you achieve YOUR goals the two main goals of specialist support service is to help you be as safe as you can, and to help you learn alternatives to drug use.

Finding alternatives is sometimes tricky because there can be things that get in the way such as:

  • The fact that drugs and alcohol can be a quick and easy way to feel good and cope with things.
  • Alternatives can cost money and take time
  • You may not have a lot of confidence to do some other things which are  suggested as alternatives -such as playing for a sporting team or looking for work or getting into a course.
  • You may not have a lot of adults around that can help you “get into” other activities

Even so, the important thing to remember is that getting a handle on your use doesn’t just have to be about cutting out problems.  It’s just as much about adding good things -Building on stuff you already love and are good at or trying something new.

Here are some examples of goals other young people have had to find activities to replace the “need” to use drugs. 

Getting a handle on your use doesn't just have to be about cutting out problems.
  • Relax-learn 2 relaxation techniques
  • Get 1 free massage a week from health service
  •  Try Yoga.
  • Get back into soccer
  • Watch the whole series of Game of Thrones
  • Join the movie night group at Youth services
  • Go to “create a resume” class.
  • Get back into Guitar
  • Listen to more music!
  • Take day trips to the beach more-Be close to the water
  • Visit Dad and step brother in NSW
  • Get a new haircut
  • Do an outdoor camp trip

What else could work for you?

Talk to YoDAA for more ideas and don’t forget your local youth services, they often have heaps of free or really cheap activities to test the waters.You might also want to try SuperBetter an app for helping young people achieve goals. See what you think.