You have more chance of realizing your goals if you write them down and think through how you'll achieve them
You probably set goals for yourself all the time. Half the time you may not even know you’re doing it.

“Next time I’ll save more of my pay”

“I’ll get better at saying no to lending my money to friends”

“I’m gonna get a job and move out of here”

Often goals like this come and go but did you know that you have more chance of realizing some of these goals if you write them down, break them down and set a time?

Goals are also met more often if they are SMART goals. You may have heard this before- that's becasue it works. Young people tend the achieve goals if they are:

  • Specific- Be really clear on what the goal is “I want to delay using cannabis until after lunch on weekdays” rather than “I want to use less drugs”
  • Measurable- Will it be obvious if you’ve achieved it? “I want to go from 20 bongs a day to 10” rather than “I will smoke less”
  • Attainable or Active-Make sure the goal is something that you are in control of or have an active part in playing. “I’ll stay calm when mum has a go at me” rather than “There will be less fights”
  • Realistic- Choose a goal that is achievable. Achieving one goal can make others easier. “I’ll get through Christmas day without drinking” rather than “I’ll never drink again”
  • Time limited-Set a clear timeframe. 
Young people tend to achieve goals if they are specific

Try this worksheet as a way of helping you do this and see if it is useful. And for a different point of view, here’s some great tips from Reachout about how not to set goals!

Remember if you aren’t achieving your goals don’t get too down on yourself. Maybe it’s the goals that have to change or maybe you need to review the steps to achieve them.