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When people think of drug and alcohol treatment they often think of “detox” or “rehab”. Even when a young person needs specialist help or support for their drug and alcohol use, there are many different ways that support can be delivered. The more intense the service for a young person doesn’t always mean better outcomes and in fact sometimes it may be more harmful to provide intensive treatment options for young people who may not need a high level of specialist support. Exploring how harmful or severe substance use is as well as determining other needs in a young person’s life can help identify the best ways to get help.

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YoDAA Who is a typical AOD client

It is hard to pin point “who a typical AoD client” would be. There are so many individual things that make each client different, their gender and identity, age, religious beliefs, and socio economic backgrounds. However at times there are clear similarities in which young people suffer from a psychosocial vulnerability such as mental health, family conflict, health problems or trauma. To understand “who a typical aod client is” better watch this video

Patterns of drugs use

Is it just “experimentation” or an issue that requires specialist attention? Learn about the five main patterns of drug use (and how to approach each one!) in this helpful video

Why is a young person using drugs or alcohol?

All young people’s substance use has a purpose, meaning or function. Some young people might use substances for recreational and social reasons, while others might use them to help them sleep or overcome trauma. Understanding why a young person is using drugs is the first step in matching them to support options that will actually work. For more understanding, watch this video.

What if a young person refuses to talk about drugs or alcohol?

Getting a young person to open up about their substance use can be difficult at times. Sometimes a change in direction of conversation or even changing how the conversation is being delivered can change the outcome. Don’t give up there is lots that you can do, have you tried changing the venue of the conversation or the method in which the message is delivered? This video helps come up with ways to think outside the box when it comes to communicating with young people. 

What if a young person I care for doesn’t want to change their drug use?

It can be incredibly disheartening for families/ carers to continuously hear that there is little that can be done unless a young person wants to change. YoDAA believes that there is a lot that can do be done!  Watch this video for more information and where to start.

Tips for talking to a young person about their drug use for the first time.

Talking to a young person about substance use can be daunting! The YoDAA team have these conversations with young people every day and share their top tips for approaching the conversation or check out this handy video or drop YoDAA a line for some support. 


Understanding Drug + Alcohol Use

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Ice-understanding how it works

Ice is one form of methamphetamine. Using ice causes a surge in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that are vital to the normal healthy function of the human brain with each responsible for regulating different functions....

Has a problem

Ice- tips for supporting a young person

So much information about ice is worrying. Families constantly tell YoDAA that they struggle to understand the nature of the problems their loved one is facing....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Is it the power of ice that causes all the problems?

Ice is an evil drug that causes addiction, ruins lives and wreaks havoc in the community. If you are personally struggling with the impacts of ice use in your family then this would ring true. But is this the full story?...

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Drug A-Z

Drug Facts

Heroin - Fast facts for families

Heroin is an illegal substance that is extracted from the opium poppy. It is in the same family of drugs as the pain killing medication morphine....

Drug Facts

Cannabis - Fast facts for families

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia and is the most commonly used drug by young people accessing support services....

Drug Facts

Ice - Fast facts for families

Ice is an illegal stimulant, meaning it is designed to ‘hype up’ rather than ‘calm down’ a person who is using it....

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