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Drug Facts

DXM- Fast facts for families.

DXM causes ‘Woozy’ and detached feelings, a loss of motor control like alcohol and hallucinations leading to good or bad trips....

Drug Facts

Ketamine-Fast facts for families

Ketamine causes ‘Floaty’ and detached feelings, physical inability to move, and hallucinations leading to good or bad trips. Large doses can exacerbate mental health problems...

Drug Facts

GHB/ GBL-Fast facts for families

If a young person uses a small amount of GHB they may appear in a similar state to if they had used alcohol. They may be in a state of euphoria, be less inhibited or even be sleepy. ...

Drug Facts

LSD (Acid)-Fast facts for families

A young person who has used LSD will usually have a distorted sense of reality since LSD alters a person’s perceptions. This could include visual and auditory hallucinations. ...

Drug Facts

Tobacco-Fast facts for families

The most tell-tale sign that someone has recently used tobacco is the lingering smell of smoke on hair, clothing, breath and hands....

Drug Facts

Synthetic drugs-Fast facts for families

Like fashion trends, synthetic drugs may seem popular one day then out of flavour the next....

Drug Facts

Synthetic cannabis-Fast facts for families

A young person who has used synthetic cannabis may appear talkative and giggly with excessive hunger or withdrawn and relaxed. They may have decreased concentration and slower reaction times....

Drug Facts

Opiate painkillers-Fast facts for families

Opiates give powerful relief to physical and emotional pain. Signs that someone has used recently include feelings of wellbeing, relaxation and sleepiness...

Drug Facts

Magic mushrooms-Fast facts for families

A young person using mushrooms may have an altered sense of reality, time and space....

Drug Facts

Inhalants-Fast facts for families

Many inhalants are household products. Volatile substances, aerosols, gases, and nitrates, can all be inhaled....

Drug Facts

Ecstasy-Fast facts for families

A young person who has recently used ecstasy may display increased energy, happiness, alertness and be super chatty, optimistic and affectionate....

Drug Facts

Cocaine-Fast facts for families

Cocaine causes a burst of alertness, feelings of well-being and euphoria which could include enthusiastic talking. ...

Drug Facts

Buprenorphine-Fast facts for families

A young person who is using non-prescribed buprenorphine may appear sleepy with small pupils and slurred speech and movements...

Drug Facts

Benzodiazepines-Fast facts for families

Signs of recent Benzodiazepine use include calmness, relaxation and sleepiness, decreased anxiety and enlarged pupils. ...

Drug Facts

Alcohol - fast facts for families

Tell-tale signs of recent alcohol use are confidence, reduced inhibitions, drowsiness, unsteadiness, slurred speech and the smell of alcohol. ...

Drug Facts

Ice - Fast facts for families

Ice is an illegal stimulant, meaning it is designed to ‘hype up’ rather than ‘calm down’ a person who is using it....

Drug Facts

Heroin - Fast facts for families

Heroin is an illegal substance that is extracted from the opium poppy. It is in the same family of drugs as the pain killing medication morphine....

Drug Facts

Cannabis - Fast facts for families

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia and is the most commonly used drug by young people accessing support services....


Do I have to pay for detox?

Most public withdrawal units are free, although you may still have to pay for ...

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