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Drug Facts

DXM-a heads up

Even though DXM can come in over the counter medicines, it doesn't necessarily mean it is safe or without risks...

Drug Facts

Tobacco - a heads up

Rates of tobacco use- most commonly cigarettes - have gradually reduced over the last few decades but smoking still causes more harm and illness than almost every other drug in Victoria....

Drug Facts

Synthetic cannabis - a heads up

Synthetic cannabis is supposed to be like real weed. Since they are synthetic or man-made, the side effects can be different from batch to batch, increasing the chance of overdose....

Drug Facts

NBOMe - a heads up

NBOMe is used in its own right but is also often sold to users who think they are buying LSD. ...

Drug Facts

Synthetics - a heads up

Synthetics are known by lots of different names and are designed to copy drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis, heroin and LSD....

Drug Facts

Naloxone - a heads up

If you or your friends use opiates such as heroin, it's really important to know about Naloxone....

Drug Facts

Buprenorphine - a heads up

Bup is usually prescribed by a doctor as a replacement for heroin and to "get off" opiates, but it is also sometimes 'diverted' and used illegally....

Drug Facts

Opiate painkillers - a heads up

These drugs are often called things like hillbilly heroin by the media and you may know them as oxys or even by their brand name. Usually used to legitimately treat pain, opiate painkillers are also often 'diverted' and used illegally....

Drug Facts

Methadone - a heads up

Methadone is a similar type of drug as heroin and morphine, but it's usually prescribed to help people reduce the harm of illegal heroin use. ...

Drug Facts

Magic Mushrooms - a heads up

'Magic mushrooms can distort colours, sounds, objects and time - but using the wrong ones can also be deadly. ...

Drug Facts

LSD - a heads up

Often referred to as acid or trips, LSD is a hallucinogen which is well known for the range of different experiences using it can lead to. ...

Drug Facts

Ketamine - a heads up

Ketamine is also known as Special K and is both a depressant and a hallucinogen....

Drug Facts

Inhalants - a heads up

Using inhalants is most commonly known as chroming. Inhaling spay paint fumes is probably the most commonly practiced form but it also includes sniffing petrol, gases and glue....

Drug Facts

Ice - a heads up

Ice is in the media pretty often, so it's worth get a heads up on the facts....

Drug Facts

Heroin - a heads up

Heroin is only used by 1% of the population, but it's the fourth most common drug of concern for young people seeking alcohol and other drug services...

Drug Facts

GHB/ GBL - a heads up

GHB, also known as grievous bodily harm, is pretty common around Victoria. Even though not many young people accessing services say GHB is their problem it is an important drug to know about the effects and risks....

Drug Facts

Ecstasy - a heads up

Ecstasy is widely known as a drug used at clubs and parties party drug in Victoria. Get a heads up on what it does and how to stay safe if using it....

Drug Facts

Cocaine - a heads up

Cocaine is pretty expensive and not used that often by young people, but it's still worth knowing about in case you come across it....

Drug Facts

Cannabis - a heads up

Cannabis is commonly used by young people accessing alcohol and other drug services. Get the heads up on what it is....

Drug Facts

Benzodiazepines - a heads up

Benzos have been around for a long time. They are fairly commonly prescribed and also used illegally. ...

Drug Facts

Amphetamines - a heads up

Most commonly known as speed, amphetamines can give you a high, a bad comedown or even an overdose, so it's good to get a heads up on what it's about...

Drug Facts

Alcohol - a heads up

Alcohol is the most readily available drug in Australia and is the first drug that most young Australians try. Just like any other drug, it's important to know the facts about drinking alcohol....


What is a hot shot?

A hot shot is either a lethally large amount of heroin (or other opiate), or ...

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