Even though DXM can come in over the counter medicines, it doesn't necessarily mean it is safe or without risks

Dextromethorphan (DXM) is also known as Dex, DXM, Robo, Skittles, Syrup, Triple-C, Vitamin D, Tussin and  more. DXM is either a white powder, a liquid, tablets or a spray. It is a dissociative meaning you will feel a sense of being “out of your body”. It’s also a hallucinogen, so you can see or hear things that aren’t there when you use it. It can make you feel “woozy”, slow your reaction time and cause you to have less control of your movements.

Often DXM comes with other medicines mixed in. This can be very dangerous as the other medicines may have a toxic effect. Other medicines should be listed on the box or bottle under ‘active’ ingredients.

If you’ve had too much DXM, you might experience hyperthermia (overheating), vomiting or nausea.  An ambulance should be called if anything like this happens to you or anyone else.

If you do use DXM then if nothing else, make sure you know these ways of staying as safe as you can.

  • Do not mix with other drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not drive, swim or do anything where you need full control of your body and vision.
  • Use in a safe environment, somewhere familiar is best.
  • Do not to use alone.
  • Call an ambulance if you think you or someone else has had too much.