Ketamine is also known as Special K and is both a depressant and a hallucinogen.

Ketamine is also known as Special K, K, ket, kitkat, super K or wobble.  It is both a  depressant and a hallucinogenic drug. This basically means that it can alter your perception of things and it slows down your body’s reactions. Ketamine was originally designed as an anaesthetic and is still used for this purpose sometimes. Ketamine tends to come as a liquid but can also be cooked down to a powder for snorting. It can be snorted, swallowed or injected.

Using ketamine gives you ‘floaty’ and detached feelings, a physical inability to move, and hallucinations leading to good or bad trips. Large doses can cause difficulty breathing, seizures, or inability to be roused or woken. An ambulance should be called if anything like this happens to you or someone else. When you use Ketamine the effects can last for an hour or more.

If you use Ketamine then if nothing else, make sure you know these ways to be as safe as possible.

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  • Avoid taking other drugs when using ketamine, especially other depressants like alcohol, Benzos or GHB
  • Never use alone
  • Use in a safe environment with someone sober
  • Drink water while using

Want more? This info is the bare minimum to give you the heads up. The ADF has heaps more comprehensive info about Ketamine here.