Synthetic cannabis is supposed to be like real weed. Since they are synthetic or man-made, the side effects can be different from batch to batch, increasing the chance of overdose.

Synthetic cannabis is man-made substances that is supposed be like real cannabis. They're sometimes called Kronic, K2, Spice, Zeus, Tai high, Puff, Northern lights, Marley, or Blue lotus. They are often sold online, in adult stores or in herbal high shops. The laws around synthetics are complex and constantly changing. .

Synthetic cannabis is usually herbs sprayed with chemicals so they look like real cannabis, and they’re used like cannabis - smoked in a bong, pipe, joint, eaten or sometimes drunk. When synthetic cannabis originally entered the scene reports were that it had similar effects to cannabis. You would feel relaxed, have decreased concentration, and slower reaction times. You might also have auditory and visual hallucinations or anxiety and panic. Reports from synthetic cannabis users are now stating that you may feel some negative and potentially harmful effects like: fast and irregular heartbeat, racing thoughts, agitation, anxiety and paranoia, psychosis, aggression, chest pains, vomiting, seizures, stroke or death. It is really important to remember that we cannot always be sure what chemicals are being used in synthetic cannabis and that it can change from batch to batch.

The main difference between real cannabis and synthetic cannabis is that it’s hard to overdose on real cannabis, but there are reports of overdose or bad reactions to synthetic cannabis. If you use synthetic cannabis then if nothing else, make sure you know these ways to be as safe as possible.

If you think you may have a problem, check out where you are at with the “working it out with YoDAA” tool
  • Take regular breaks from smoking to avoid dependency
  • Only use a small amount to begin with as we cannot be sure the potency of the substance
  • Let the previous dose wear off before using again
  • Use regular cannabis.
  • Avoid using alone, share the experience with someone who has used before or with someone who is not using.
  • Avoid using if you have mental health concerns
  • Call and ambulance if concerned.

Withdraws from synthetic cannabis use can vary quiet significantly, so if you or anyone you know is thinking about reducing or quitting synthetic cannabis use there are services that you can access that will support you through it. 

Want more? This info is the bare minimum to give you the heads up. We recommend this video from GlobalDrugSurvey about synthetic cannabis.