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Drug Facts

Young people and medical cannabis

Recently we’ve heard at YoDAA that young people have been talking about the new laws that allow for use of cannabis for medical purposes. There has been some confusion around the legality of cannabis. ...

Drug Facts

Flakka - Fast facts for Workers

There have been reports of Flakka use in Australia, at this time there is no evidence to suggest the drug is Flakka. Flakka is more common in the US, there have been reports of high usage due to its low cost and it being easily obtained. ...

Drug Facts

DXM - fast facts for workers.

More common in the US but we are starting to see young people using it here. So what do we know about DXM and how do we keep young people safe?...

Drug Facts

Mephadrone-Fast facts for workers

Between 2009-2011 Extreme stories about mephadrone were hitting the headlines everywhere. Although Mephadrone has been associated with some deaths in the UK, in Australia the hype around mephedrone hasn’t necessarily matched the reality. ...

Drug Facts

Synthetic cannabis -Fast facts for workers

There has recently been a batch of synthetic cannabis that has led to 20 young people being hospitalised. There are chemicals that can be found in synthetic cannabis that are illegal in Victoria. What does a youth worker need to know?...

Drug Facts

NBOMe-Fast facts for workers

The recent death of a young man in Sydney widely publicised the fact that a “fake LSD” drug called NBOMe was being sold very cheaply (often online). Some reports suggested users were under the impression they were using LSD. ...

Drug Facts

Synthetics Drugs - Fast facts for workers

Youth workers like to be up to date and informed about what young people may be using. Recent publicity about "synthetic “,” new and emerging drugs or “novel psychoactive substances” has prompted a search for good information....

Drug Facts

Naloxone-Fast Facts for workers

Naloxone is used to save lives by reversing the effects of opioid overdose. It is hoped that in Victoria it will be more widely available than it now is. ...

Drug Facts

Buprenorphine-Fast facts for workers

Buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate commonly prescribed to treat opiate dependence. Although used for a similar purpose to methadone, there are also some key differences. ...

Drug Facts

Tobacco-Fast facts for workers

Often overlooked in a treatment context, tobacco contributes to more deaths in Australia than any other drug....

Drug Facts

Opiate painkillers-Fast facts for workers

The use of Opiate painkillers in Australia has been described as "the silent epidemic". This mainly refers to people legally prescribed painkillers but young people accessing support also often favour opiate medications....

Drug Facts

Methadone-Fast facts for workers

Methadone is a commonly prescribed opiate substitute treatment. Despite its common status many workers don't understand enough about methadone....

Drug Facts

Magic mushrooms-Fast facts for workers

Mushrooms containing psilocybin have been consumed for thousands of years but a contemporary youth worker should still brush up on their knowledge ...

Drug Facts

LSD (Acid)-Fast facts for workers

Acid, trips, tabs-LSD is known by many names and is synonymous with stories past decades. It is still commonly used (relative to other illegal drugs) and so is a relevant drug for youth workers to know and understand....

Drug Facts

Ketamine-Fast facts for workers

In comparison to other drugs, Ketamine is not widely used by young people seeking support. A basic understanding of Ketamine is still important when supporting young people especially because of the dangers of using it with other drugs....

Drug Facts

Inhalants-Fast facts for workers

Although not widely used by the general population, a general knowledge of inhalants is crucial for a youth worker. Inhalant use continues to be popular among particular groups of young people in the service system. ...

Drug Facts

Ice-Fast facts for workers

Ice has dominated the headlines lately in the same way heroin did in the 1990's. Discussing ice, practice issues and how best to support young people and communities begins with an understanding of the substance itself....

Drug Facts

Heroin-Fast facts for workers

The use of heroin by young people is not as widespread as in the late 1990's but heroin is still favoured by many young people-especially those with traumatic histories. It is essential workers are familiar with the facts about heroin....

Drug Facts

GHB/GBL -Fast facts for workers

Young people seeking treatment and support don't often name GHB as a problematic drug but a basic understanding of GHB is essential....

Drug Facts

Ecstasy-Fast facts for workers

A few years ago Ecstasy's public profile was such that it seemed every young person must have been using it. Although the stats don't reflect this, there is still a good chance a young person you work with will try or has used ecstasy...

Drug Facts

Cocaine-Fast facts for workers

Although not commonly used by young people accessing support services, reports suggest cocaine use is not uncommon in the community. ...

Drug Facts

Cannabis-Fast facts for workers

Along with alcohol and tobacco, cannabis is the most commonly used drug by young people accessing support services. An understanding of the basic facts is therefore crucial....

Drug Facts

Benzodiazepines-Fast facts for workers

Benzos are commonly prescribed in Victoria and are also bought and sold illegally. They are often favoured by young people who have experienced trauma and are often implicated in overdoses, especially when mixed with other depressant drugs....

Drug Facts

Amphetamines-Fast facts for workers

Amphetamines is a term used to describe a range of stimulant drugs. The proportion of young people in support services using Amphetamine-type-substances has increased in the past few years....

Drug Facts

Alcohol - Fast facts for workers

One of the most commonly used drugs in Victoria and Australia, alcohol is also associated with the highest levels of individual and community harms. ...


Is cannabis getting stronger?

Recent tests on cannabis around Australia have revealed it contains higher levels of THC than ...

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