The recent death of a young man in Sydney widely publicised the fact that a “fake LSD” drug called NBOMe was being sold very cheaply (often online). Some reports suggested users were under the impression they were using LSD.


NBOMe is a synthetic drug from the family of drugs called phenethylamines. It has stimulant and hallucinogenic properties.


N-Bomb, Solaris, smiles, 25-1


Reliable data on rates of use are not yet available


Most commonly sold in tabs of blotting paper (similar to LSD) or even in pills sold as ecstasy


NBOMe is most commonly used by placing blotting paper tabs under the tongue (or inside the cheek) where it is absorbed through the mucous membranes. There have also been instances of NBOMe being used nasally, injected as a solution and smoked as a powder but these methods do not seem common in the local context. Recent reports suggest NBOMe is being sold in pill form as ecstasy.


Stimulant and hallucinogenic effects- Mental and physical stimulation, euphoria, increased heart rate, pupil dilation, sensory and perception distortion, confusion, insomnia, paranoia Overdose: Seizures and (at high doses) death has occurred. Only very small quantaties of NBOMe are needed for active effects meaning small dose increases can cause large changes in effects.

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Encourage a young person to

  • only take a 1/4 dose of to begin with so they can judge the effects.
  • Avoid taking multiple tabs especially if unsure if  taking real LSD or not.
  • Avoid using alone, share the experience with someone who has used before or with someone who is not using.
  • Monitor their mental health before using to ensure it is stable
  • Call and ambulance if concerned

Anex have a great article with useful links that outlines some comprehensive harm reduction advice in regards to “fake LSD”

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Try YoDAA’s more general info about synthetic drugs here or ask YoDAA.