Australia is taking a big step forward in understanding medical cannabis and how it works.

We often see young people and some parents brushing off cannabis use because cannabis is “natural”, it grows from the ground or because it is not a “hard drug”. While we understand that young people use cannabis for a number of reasons, we do find that some young people are struggling with the effects of their use.

The ground breaking conversation and research that is being completed in Australia at present is looking into the benefits of medical cannabis for treatment of depression, anxiety, and neurological disorders.  This is a big step for Australia and the movement towards cannabis being used for medical treatment. The Huffington Post released an article on understanding cannabinols and the benefits of CBD. We see in these articles some of the debate about medicinal cannabis in Australia and the ease of access to it.

Recently SBS screens an insightful and courageous documentary looking at The Truth about Medical Marijuana in Australian. 

 We hear from Dr David Coldicott, Dr Alex Wodak, and doctors and physicians in Israel who have been using cannabis oil to treat epilepsy and PTSD. If you are interested in finding out more about Dan's story, click here.
It is important to understand that cannabis oil, capsules and vapours will be released to Australians. 

There is ground breaking conversation and research being completed in Australia

Australia is slowly taking steps forward researching medical cannabis for the benefit of medical treatment and with that comes a lot of questions and discussion. In October 2017 we saw a bill passed in Australia to ensure medical cannabis to accessible to terminally ill patients. 

Research currently being carried we are beginning to see the benefits that medical cannabis is having for children with epilepsy. In the New England Journal of Medicine has also been looking into understand the benefit of medical cannabis on seizures.