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Drug Tests – How and Why?

Tests that claim to show weather or not a young person has been using drugs are a tempting option for family members concerned about a persons behaviour. But are drug tests everything they are cracked up to be? ...

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Is it the power of ice that causes all the problems?

Ice is an evil drug that causes addiction, ruins lives and wreaks havoc in the community. If you are personally struggling with the impacts of ice use in your family then this would ring true. But is this the full story?...

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Ice-understanding how it works

Ice is one form of methamphetamine. Using ice causes a surge in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that are vital to the normal healthy function of the human brain with each responsible for regulating different functions....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Understanding Psychosis

Worried that your loved one is at risk of psychosis? Here's what to look out for and how to help them....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Why do young people use drugs?

Young people use drugs for all sorts of different reasons. As carers, it helps to understand that there is almost always some function and meaning for a young person. ...

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Will they develop a problem or addiction?

Many young people try drugs or alcohol at some stage in their adolescence but for most they never develop problems. The thought that someone you care about and love might develop a drug problem can be distressing....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Why do drugs become a problem?

No one ever chooses to have a drug problem. Likewise when drug or alcohol use becomes a problem for a young person it’s always something more than just ‘bad luck’....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Helping Young People to Change

….A small dry seed sits on a window sill. Surrounded by sunlight it knows it wants to become something more than a shrived dry seed and so every day it wills itself to grow…. ...


My mum is always ringing my worker. What can they tell her?

Your worker will only tell your mum (or anyone else) what you have said they ...

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