Knowing what binge drinking is helps you figure out both the good and bad effects.
Binge drinking usually means an intense session of drinking a lot of alcohol. It can also mean drinking with the intention to get drunk. Knowing about binge drinking is important because unlike some patterns of use where it may be obvious that someone is experiencing problems, binge drinking is often experienced as fun or a good night out with friends.

Since you probably don’t think of binge drnking as a problem there is some danger that risks of binge drinking are not understood. Ideally any decision to drink or (use anything) should be made with accurate info about both good effects as well as the risks.

So, as a flip side to the fun times some of the less obvious risks of binge drinking are:

  • Having accidents
  • Fights and arguments
  • Doing things you wouldn’t normally do such as unsafe sex
  • Passing out and being vulnerable to violence, theft, unwanted sex and sexual assault.
  • Damage to your body and your brain.
  • Dehydration and hangovers

Our heads up on alcohol has some tips for drinking safely, and you can check out this video from the Nepean Youth Channel on what young people say binge drinking is.