Services are not a guarantee that you will stop - but they'll help figure out your strengths so you can achieve what you'd like with your drug use
There is no silver bullet to stopping using.  Seeing a service is not a guarantee that you will stop. Services can be extremely helpful but there are so many other things which help young people quit or control their use. For instance, support from family and community, good friends, activities to keep occupied, somewhere safe an stable to live and stable emotional health all help a young person  who is trying to manage their use.

But if your goal is to stop or reduce using drugs, then a service will definitely work with you to help you achieve your goal. Since a problem with drugs almost never develops completely on its own a service may help you sort out other issues in your life as well as teach you skills to manage drugs as steps towards achieving your overall goal.

Not every young person wants to quit, some young people just want a bit of a break from drugs, or to learn ways of making their drug use safer. A specialist service won’t force any goals on you, but they will help you to identify what your goals are, and then work with you to achieve them.