Alcohol and other drug services help heaps of people who aren't ready to quit yet.
No problem! Services aren’t there to lecture you or tell you to stop using; they are there to help improve your wellbeing. If you feel like your drug use is a bit of an issue, but you don’t want to stop entirely, that’s OK.

A support service will work with you where you are at and will aim to help you reduce your reliance on drugs as well as to reduce any risks you may be facing because of your drug use.

They also want to help improve the good things in your life, because the more good things you have, the better things are all round. So they might help you get into better health, or link you up with a housing worker or a psychologist if you feel like that might help you.

The aim of youth AOD services isn’t to stop you using drugs, but to decrease the harms and risks in your life, and increase the good things. The happier people are, the less likely they are to have a drug problem. So if you’re not ready to quit, but would like to be a bit happier, services can help you to work on ways to do this. Regardless of your goals, if you don't think you want to contact a service you might want to check SuperBetter, an app for helping you achieve a range of health goals.