YoDAA brings you the ultimate harm reduction guide.

Leaving school (and attending Schoolies!) is an ultimate rite of passage for many young people. YoDAA has prepared a Schoolies harm reduction guide to help workers prepare the young people they work with for a safe and positive experience.

Here are 6 things to chat about with a young person before they head off to Schoolies:

1. Drug Info

Knowing about the drugs young people might run into is important. Here is a great info sheet for young people about surviving Schoolies.

2.Travelling Safe

What’s more important than getting to schoolies? Getting home! Discuss pooling resources for taxi money, public transport, public transport cut off times and cuing up cool aunties and uncles that you are going to need a lift at 2am. Designated drivers are harm reduction champions! Word up young people to value their sober friends.

3. Using a Substance for the First Time

Check out this video and this article for advice for using a substance for the first time.

4. Looking out for their Friends

Discuss looking after friends. Helping out a drunk friend can be hard work but it’s important!

What’s more important than getting to schoolies? Getting home!

5. Contacting Emergency Services

Emphasise to young people that if things don’t go to plan, call an ambulance on 000. This video shows you how to put someone in the recovery position while waiting for the ambulance.

6. Harm Reduction isn’t just about Substance Use

We all know substance use isn’t the only risky activity that young people might engage in at Schoolies! YoDAA has created a toolbox which includes a module for workers about sexual health. Definitely worth a look!