Here are some tips for staying safe no matter what you are using.
Staying safe is the most important thing. That starts with knowing what you are taking! Ask and research everything you can about a drug. Do your research. Where possible, know what you are taking, What are its effects, how long will they last, does it have side effects? 
  • Plan how you are going to use. Get your plan figured out before you’re already too wasted. How are you getting home? Who is driving?
  • Be extra careful the first time. If you are trying something for the first time make sure you use a tiny amount. Don’t use a new drug with anything else in your system or when you’re coming down from something else.
  • Don’t use by yourself. And if you can have someone else who isn’t intoxicated around
  • Use somewhere familiar and safe. Enough said!
  • Try a small amount first. You can always have more later.
  • Wait before using again. Most drugs take a while to peak, so waiting at least 1.5-2 hours before re-dosing ensures you don’t overdose by re-dosing.
  • Stick with a regular, trusted dealer. Ask about strength and purity. They won’t tell you when stuff is poor quality but they will tell you if its stronger than normal. They want you to keep coming back with your money!
  • Get help if you feel unwell. Let someone know and seek help if you’re feeling unwell, remembering that you can call an ambulance without getting in trouble.
  • Use one thing at a time. Avoid mixing drugs/alcohol.
  • Don’t drive! Or swim or do anything that requires coordination and concentration for you and others to be safe