The ultimate guide for young people preparing for a residential withdrawal (detox)

You’ve picked up the phone and things are in motion. Well done! But sometimes there can be a wait until a bed pops up in the residential withdrawal unit. It can be frustrating and tempting to chuck it all in especially because you want to do something about your use NOW! You might even feel relieved that there is a wait – taking a break from using, reducing your use or giving up is a pretty big thing after all.

The Youth Workers at YSAS Eastern Residential Unit have put together this handy guide for young people just like you! Click the links below for everything you need to get ready for your residential detox.

  1. Drug use record
  2. Setting Goals
  3. What is residential withdrawal support? (we even made a video!)
  4. What to do while you're onthe waitlist
It takes courage to change. Remember you are not alone & other young people have been in your shoes.

6. Distraction table for home

7. Preparing to cut down or stop
8. Reducing the need to use

Want to talk to someone about getting ready for your detox stay? You can call, e-mail or webchat the YoDAA team 9am - 8pm Monday to Friday. Our team of youth workers are always up for a chat and can help encourage you to stay on track with your goals.