Around assignment time, YoDAA is inundated with requests from students. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

I am writing a case study about a young person in Victoria, using cannabis, where should I refer them?

Check out the YoDAA website for an explanation of the different types of support options available to young people in Victoria. Once you have decided on the type of service that would best suit their needs, check out the service finder for the closest service.

What sort of assessment forms and screening processes are used in Youth AOD?

Adult AOD service sector has uniform forms and a centralised way of doing intake and assessment but Youth AOD currently has varying forms and tries to maintain multiple access points for young people. Each organisation will have their own assessment forms and screening process. Read about the most effective screening & assessment here.  

Also, YoDAA has developed an online screening tool Working it out With YoDAA that combines the best of using a web based app with a face to face assessment with a youth worker.

Where do most Youth AOD referrals come from?

Most organisations accept referrals from any source, AOD workers, hospital staff, GP’s, police  and young people themselves. Provided a young person consents to the referral anyone can contact a youth AOD service.

Do you consider that there are any gaps in this service, i.e:  hours clients can get in touch, intake numbers etc.?

Check out the Youth AOD Census for an interesting response to this question from the point of view of 1000 young people.

What legal and ethical obligations and duty of care requirements govern your treatment?

This is a huge question! Check out the Youth AOD toolbox for an explanation of all legal and ethical obligations and duty of care requirements govern Youth AOD treatment in Victoria and the evidence basis that supports these. It will take some searching but this is by far the best place to go.

Does YSAS have any policy around Mental Health & Alcohol and other Drugs?

Yes! YSAS has many comprehensive policies covering Mental Health and Alcohol other Drugs.  These are written in accordance with state and federal legislation. Search the Youth AOD toolbox for an explanation of all the theories, frameworks and laws that underpin these policies.

I was wondering if it would be OK if I popped in every now & again with any questions I may have?

We get multiple requests daily from students who are writing assignments and as such, do not encourage students to pop in at sites as this would take us away from our core work of supporting young people with alcohol and other drug issues. If you have one particular question, feel free to e-mail (remember to include a contact number!)

Got a question that isn't covered here?

We request that students e-mail us a phone number and we will contact you during that time.

Wishing you all the best with your studies! Team YoDAA.