Its pretty obvious that Drug and Alcohol services specialize in helping you address drug and alcohol problems, but they are also interested in you as a whole person not just one problem.
Can an alcohol or other drug (AOD) service help me with other stuff? Sure can! In fact, AOD services ask you about lots of areas in your life because they want to work on what’s causing you to use drugs so much that it’s become a problem.

They understand that even though you might want an AOD worker, you may have some other stuff going on in your life. Maybe you have some fines that haven’t been paid, or haven’t seen a GP in a long time. Lots of young people have some pretty serious depression or anxiety and lots have tense relationships with your family. AOD services may not specialise in the areas you want support in, but they can help you to access services that are likely to help you.

Drug and alcohol services want to work with you as a whole person not just as on problem to be fixed.

An AOD service may even directly work on these things with you knowing that this is likey to help your drug use goals too. So don’t think that the service only wants to talk about your drug use – they want to work with you as a whole person and the other issues you are facing as well.