Youth offending is a topic that gets a lot of people talking!

There is an understanding in the sector that young people should have the opportunity to rehabilitation, re-socialisation and taught to hold themselves accountable for their actions.

  • The Crime Statistics Agency has released a paper “The Cautious Approach: Police cautions and the impact on youth reoffending”, focusing on comparing how different pathways through the juvenile justice system affect reoffending behaviour.
  • Jesuit Social Services CEO Julie Edwards who has been tirelessly working with young people in the juvenile justice system for over 40 years, believes “An effective youth justice system is one that holds young people accountable for their actions while working to rehabilitate and re-socialise them, to ultimately prevent re-offending,” 
  • Vicki Sutton CEO of Melbourne City Mission talks about offering young people who may have been mixed up in youth offending in the past an opportunity to education in all forms allows them the chance to change and develop skills.

    A great workers resource for when they are working with young people affected by the judicial sysem:
  • The Judicial Commission of Victoria
  • Police Accountability Project