AOD experts in youth work, social work and health have pooled their collective knowledge and experience to bring you the 3 latest modules in the Youth AOD toolbox.

Living skills gives real life examples of ways that practitioners have sensitively gone about addressing issues that arise when there is a lack of basic self-care skills. From the simple to the serious, this module covers money and budgeting, health, hygiene, nutrition and sleep and practical suggestions for supporting a young person in these fields.

Most importantly looks at working with young people experiencing self-neglect. Weather it’s not noticing one’s own needs to not feeling worthy of proper care or just not having the skills, resources and basic health literacy.

Sexual Health, is unlike any other sexual health resource you have read. Jam packed with 30+ video links it harnesses humour (and humanity) to give practitioners the skills and confidence to  ‘go there’ with young people who are developing their own sexual identity.

More than just emergency contraception, preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections the module ventures into promoting positive sexual development.

The module provides practical information about supporting a young person to access sexual health services and undergo common place screening and testing.

Blood Born Viruses de-mystifies medical jargon and complex testing procedures and explains in clear language who is most at risk of blood born viruses, how screening and testing is undertaken and how to best support a young person going through this process. 

The Youth AOD toolbox is a 1000+ page mega resource embedded with hundreds of links and resources that is arguable the most comprehensive guide to youth AOD practice on the planet. To access the full resource sign up with your e-mail address (it’s free) and to mix and mingle with the people behind the box register yourself for the Australian Youth AOD Conference.