The latest Youth AOD toolbox module brings you everything you have ever wanted to know about working with families.

Even when relationships with family members have been fraught & disappointing, most adolescents want to improve these relationships & get more care and support from their families. Furthermore, long after therapeutic relationships with workers are over, relationships with family members mostly endure, and the more supportive these can be, the more chances the young person has of achieving their goals. 

The Youth AOD toolbox has published an evidence based AOD worker’s guide to working with families. Check out some of the highlights below or listen to the audio version of the resource

Simple guide to Genograms
Fact Sheet for Workers on Role of Family in Adolescent Development
Fact Sheet for Workers on Family Dynamics
Fact Sheet for Workers on Impact of Family Issues
Fact Sheet for Workers on Family Transition Points
Fact Sheet for Workers on when family contact is harmful


The Youth AOD toolbox is a 1000+ page mega resource embedded with hundreds of links and resources that is arguable the most comprehensive guide to youth AOD practice on the planet. To access the full resource sign up with your e-mail address (it’s free) and to mix and mingle with the people behind the box register yourself for the Australian Youth AOD Conference .