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Updated November 2017

Have you ever wanted to know more about the makeup of a particular substances? The Drug Classroom helps us to understand the makeup of substances, their history and effects.

If you are after information from closer to home the New South Wales government has launched Your Room. Your Room is a useful website with loads of up to date and accurate information about substances.

What about getting a better understanding on mental health, how to help one’s self or someone else, well Head to Health is the website to look to for that. 

The Healthy Nightlife Toolbox is a resource from Europe which aims to prevent harm’s associate with substance use by evaluating interventions and provide literature to individuals and workers.

Orygen Youth Mental Health has developed a resource helping workers understand how to modify CBT for young people with depression.

Lifeline has developed their coping kit for families/ cares or even schools that can help navigate substance use or mental health concerns, offer questions and prompts to ask someone. The tool also looks at ways to brainstorm who might be available to support a loved one.

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