Many young people who try drugs or alcohol don’t go on to experience problems. For the small percentage who do, there are many different pathways into problems with drugs and many pathways young people can take to move on from them.

It is true that some young people who develop problems are more able to manage them as they grow and mature and as they learn general life skills such as problem solving and managing impulses and coping strategies.

It doesn’t mean though that a young person will always “grow out of” problems. Sometimes problematic substance prevents young people from developing important skills and coping strategies. Sometimes, even though a young person may use drugs to help them manage in the short term, the use itself causes more problems and a cycle develops.

It doesn’t mean though that a young person will always “grow out of” problems

Whether or not a young person needs a specialist service to help them, young people experiencing drug related problems need support and  encouragement to move on. They need supportive relationships, safe and stable environments, the chance to participate in meaningful activity and opportunites to develop skills, knowledge and self-belief  to have control over their own lives.

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