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Youth Workers Helping GP’s Respond to Youth Substance Use...


CLEAN UP YOUR LANGUAGE – The Global Drug Commission look at language.

The words we use can create stigma and discrimination, lets start thinking about what we say. ...

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Screening + Assessment

Screening and assessment are hugely important aspects of youth AOD work. Regardless of specific tools or the particular sector you’re from, these articles provide useful information and advice to tailor AOD screening and assessment to the needs of young people.

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Need some resources for your practice? Whether you are a new worker or you’ve been around for years, the youth AOD toolbox supports your practice. It takes the vast range of evidence and literature that supports youth alcohol and other drugs (AOD) work, and presents it in a way that you can use in your work.

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YoDAA Who is a typical AOD client

It is hard to pin point “who a typical AoD client” would be. There are so many individual things that make each client different, their gender and identity, age, religious beliefs, and socio economic backgrounds. However at times there are clear similarities in which young people suffer from a psychosocial vulnerability such as mental health, family conflict, health problems or trauma. To understand “who a typical aod client is” better watch this video

Patterns of drugs use

Something that can be hard to wrap your head around is that there are different patterns of substance use and that there is no “typical pattern” of use for young people. Most young people will experiment with substances without it becoming an issue that requires specialist attention. In this video there are 5 categories in which a young person’s substance use can be defined. If you are still unsure about where your young person might be, give YoDAA a call. 

Why is a young person using drugs or alcohol?

Understanding the many different reasons why a young person might be using substances is incredibly powerful. Some young people might use substances for recreational and social reasons, while others might use them to help them sleep or overcome trauma. Asking a young person why they are using ensures that you gain a better understanding of what is going on for the young person, check out this video on understand why a young person might use substance. 

What if a young person refuses to talk about drugs or alcohol?

Getting a young person to open up about their substance use can be difficult at times. Sometimes a change in direction of conversation or even changing how the conversation is being delivered can change the outcome. This video helps come up with ways to think outside the box when it comes to communicating with young people. 

What if a young person I care for doesn’t want to change their drug use?

YoDAA believes that there is a lot that can do be done for a young person using substance.  Get to know the current environment the young person is in and is it one in which change is supported. It is important to remember that there are many steps to take before reaching the end goal, watch this video or drop us a line. 

Tips for talking to a young person about their drug use for the first time.

There are a few key principles that we at YoDAA employ when discussing substances with young people. To learn more about how to start that conversation and how and where to have it check out this handy video or drop YoDAA a line for some support. 


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Drug Facts

A basic knowledge of drugs and alcohol is critical when supporting young people. YoDAA’s drug facts gives you the quick and essential run down of what’s what. We’ve also included directions of where to find more in depth info if you need (and if you have the time!)

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is a digital tool designed to help young people (and their supporters) consider where they are at in relation to their drug and alcohol related needs. It encourages help seeking where necessary and offers next steps for help and support.

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