Day programs, are safe places where a young person can go during the day, seek help for substance use and participate in a range of activities

They are staffed by Drug and Alcohol Workers who specialise in engaging young people (who may or may not be substance effected) in an informal setting as well as supervising substance effected young people to ‘come down’.Young people attend day programs voluntarily (often with their friends).

Most day programs will offer meals, computer and internet access, activities (such as a pool table or musical instruments) and personal care facilities such as showers and washing machines. Some day programs offer structured or semi structured programs (such as life skills classes or team sports).

All day programs have the capacity to refer young people to other services (such a housing, primary health, legal aid, etc.) and support a young person experiencing crisis through supported referral to other services.

Due to the hours of operation, Day programs are usually frequented by young people who are disengaged from school or employment.



Young people with very little support can gravitate towards day programs because of the positive environments and support

Young people who are having trouble with housing or are living out of home with very little support can gravitate towards day programs for the resources available to them and the positive environment.

Day programs can suit young people who have no intention of changing their substance use and are suspicious of anyone attempting to get them to reduce. Day programs can offer practical harm minimisation support to such young people as well as making them aware of what is available should they decide to make some changes or need help.