It's easier to give services a call when you know what you might expect from them
Seeking support can be frightening, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Here is the low down on what you can expect to be asked. When you first seek support you will probably participate in an ‘assessment’. Different services might have slightly different ways of going about assessment but there’s pretty similar questions that most services will ask.

The assessment isn’t about grading you, but about understanding what you need.  There’s no better or worse answers, it’s just about getting to know you, what’s going on for you, and what you’re after. The worker will ask you questions about your drug use, (you can be honest, they’ve heard it all!) and questions about other areas of your life. This is to understand if there’s anything else you might want help with, and to see how other things in your life influence you and your drug use. You’ll be asked about where you live, your family, your mental and emotional wellbeing, physical health and some other areas.

Services collect this information to get a ‘big picture’ of who you are and to help support you most effectively. You never have to answer anything you don’t want and only have to give as much information as you are comfortable with. All your information is confidential.