Losing important relationships is common when you are struggling with drugs or alcohol. This info explains that doing what you can to maintain relationships may be one of the most important things you can do.
If you are experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol it can feel really lonely. Trying to cover up or hide your use means you can avoid people you care about. Or sometimes those close to you are angry if they know you are using drugs. It’s really common for drug problems to cause conflict in relationships.

And just to make things even more complex, sometimes it’s people close to you having fights and arguments that can make you feel like wanting to use in the first place. Despite all this and as hard as it may seem, having  supportive people around you is really important.

In fact, although everyone has their own journey for many young people who have learned to manage their use, a good network of friends, family or community is one of the most important things that helped them. Youth workers and support services often try to involve family or other community members when supporting a young person (if they want this). 

It doesn’t mean you need to have “perfect relationships” that support your goals in every way-even friends who use drugs can be important supporters of you (having friends are important no matter what) and even when families are doing it tough, they can find ways to support each other. (Check out this simple app from the Young and Well CRC which encourages appreciation of friends and others!)

Having supportive people around you is really important.

You can’t control how others will treat and respond to you but don’t deliberately cut yourself off from family, friends and other people if you are struggling. It might be hard but try to keep good lines of communication open with those close to you-it may be the most important thing in the end!

We recommend Reachout for some great resources to help you with relationships. Check out this article about managing conflict with parents.