Most workers supporting young people experiencing AOD problems are aware that best practice suggests we should explore and investigate mental health concerns as well.

In fact, understanding and supporting the AOD needs of young people means understanding that multiple factors in a range of life areas can all impact on drug use and visa versa.  But it remains particularly important that we help young people explore the relationship between their drug use and their mental health. 
This is because mental health concerns and problems related to drugs and alcohol commonly occur together. The link between the two can be complex. Co-occurring problems may be as a result of common risk factors for both or one existing problem may lead to the other.
So shouldn’t YoDAA (Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice) be called Youth Dual Diagnosis Advice instead?
As well as workers, YoDAA provides info and advice for young people, families and school professionals. These audiences usually look for help or advice because of a single issue of importance to them, in this case drug use. 

It's up to workers to help people explore any links between their mental health and their use of drugs or alcohol.

It is then up to us as YoDAA and you guys as workers, to help people understand the nature of drug problems and provide info and advice that recommends the exploration of other areas of a young person’s life such as mental health. 

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