So what's really is going on out there? What are the current facts on youth crime in Victoria and are all young people actually evil

You and your family decide to take a walk after dinner on a warm summer night. In the near distance you see a group of five young people walking towards you.

Do you:

A) Quickly usher your entire family across to the other side of the road for safety?
B) Call the police?
C) Keep walking and smile at them as you pass by?

Well, according to the Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVIC) fewer than 2% of Young Victorians aged 10-17 are alleged by Police to have committed a crime. In collaboration with The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, YACVIC have created and released a great infographic poster detailing all the stats and facts on youth crime in Victoria. The young people who unfortunately do end up in youth detention centres are amongst the most disadvantaged in our state. With 63% already being victims of trauma, abuse and neglect in their short lives.

So, what can youth workers do to combat the misrepresentation of young people in mainstream media and how can we educate the wider community about some of the more complex intersections at play? YACVIC have written another great piece detailing 5 ways that we can help break the cycle!

Some other really wonderful initiatives that we love are: 

Time and time again social inclusion, community connection and therapeutic interventions will always provide better outcomes than punitive measures.