Many tried it and didn’t like it but amongst young people seeking treatment, synthetic cannabis still has a niche following.

As with many new drugs that mimic well established and popular substances, it seems that popularity in new drugs tends to wain after an initial period of intense interest and use as users return to the drugs with the best balance of positive and negative effects. Despite diminished popularity, some young people continue to return to synthetic cannabis as their drug of choice. 

YoDAA has searched the archives to bring you the best of our synthetic cannabis resources. 

Resources for Workers

Synthetic cannabinoids - Fast facts for workers All the basics on one easy to read page.  Detailed information about what synthetic cannabis is, how it works and how to prevent harm amongst young people you work with.

Why Synthetic Cannabis has different (side) effects  links to info explaining how Synthetic Cannabis works and why it makes users feel the way they do

Synthetic cannabis is stronger than it used to be 
Interesting editorial from The Addiction Inbox about the increasing risk of synthetic cannabis use as opposed to the real thing. 'Synthetic cannabinoids in the recreational drug market are becoming stronger, are appearing in ever more baffling combinations, and have made the matter of not taking too much a central issue, unlike marijuana, where taking too much leads to nausea, overeating, and sleep.'

Spice, incense, K2, Aroma, Krypton, Bonzai and clinical psychosis: What does the research say?

Researchers analysed 41 of the best studies to see what evidence exists for connecting THC-like drugs with clinical psychosis. They had a pretty hard time of it. More of a study into why researching unregulated drug use is hard than any concrete findings about a psychosis link.

Using synthetic cannabis- a strategic decision Accessibility, not having to risk being seen with a dealer and novelty factor were some of the reasons young people cited for using synthetic cannabis.

Resources for Young People

Synthetic Cannabis - A Heads up Information and harm reduction tips for young people in an easy to understand format.

Resources for concerned family members

Synthetic Cannabis - Fast Facts for Families  A families guide to identifying, understanding and supporting a young person using synthetic cannabis.

New and Emerging Drugs - Fast Facts for Families Good overview in language that non - experts can understand.

Drug Tests, How and Why? Far from a definitive proof that a young person has or hasn’t been using, this article explains the fallibility of drug tests and how substances like synthetic cannabis are slipping under the radar. It also reminds families that an open and honest conversation will always give them more information than some pee on a stick.

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