2016 has seen some interesting results come from the National Drug Survey and the Global Drug Survey.

The 2016 National Drug Survey has released its key findings and there are some interesting results in relation to young people.

  • There has been a drop in the number of young people taking up smoking
  • Since 2013 there has been a drop in the amount of alcohol 18 to 25 years old are consuming.
  • There is less 12 – 17 years old drinking alcohol and there has been an increase in the percentage of them abstaining from alcohol use.
  • There has been a decline is use of some illicit substances, including methamphetamine.

For more interesting result from the 2016 National Drug Survey.

The Conversation has an in depth look at the changing drug and alcohol habits of Australians off the back of the survey results.

The Global Drug Survey has published their 2017 findings this year these findings give us a snap shot of substance use in Europe.

Some of the findings from the Global Drug Survey were:

  • More substance users in the UK have been purchasing their drugs online.
  • Magic mushroom use has resulted in the least emergency department admissions.
  • 90% of European cannabis users are mixing it with tobacco.