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Day 1 - Caffeine and Young people


It’s day one of your 7 day challenge. Put on the kettle and in the time it takes to boil, get the low down on the world’s most widely used psychoactive drug. Available in audio file so you can listen while you sip.

Day 2 - Know the fundamentals


Arguably the holiest chapter in Youth AOD works most sacred text. If you can get your head around vulnerability and resilience all other youth AOD principals will flow.

Day 3 - Work with strengths


Ever found yourself walking out of an assessment with what feels more like a list of problems to address than an appreciation of the young person you’ve just spent an hour with? We’ve all been there.  Say goodbye to problem based assessments for good.

Day 4 - Get your Drug Facts 


4% of young people in AOD treatment report having used ecstasy in the past four weeks. Read this article then challenge them to a harm min tournament. (Oh and don't just stop at ecstacy, check out other drug facts for workers, young people, families and schools).

Day 5 - Speaking of Harm Min….


You engage young people in harm minimisation every day but how much do you know about the philosophy that has become an art form

Day 6 - First impressions count


A screening assessment is your first opportunity to engage a young person, first chance to build rapport, and for them to size up your service and decide if they want to give it a go. Make that first assessment count with developmentally appropriate screening and assessment.

Day 7 - Have a laugh on us


Congratulations, you’ve completed the YoDAA 7 day challenge! Now that you have schooled yourself in the rich theories that underpin Youth AOD work, time to kick your heels up with some college humour that undermines it all!  After all, what’s youth AOD work without a little bit of dark humour?


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