Addressing parent concerns whilst maintaining client privacy can be challenging (and time consuming). Answer frequently asked questions with these 5 parent resources.

No one will tell me anything! Privacy explained.

E-mail this fact sheet to a concerned loved one or better still, give them a copy before you begin engaging a young person.

Will I be involved in treatment?

Young people do better in treatment when they know their privacy is protected. Help families to understand a young person’s needs and be involved in a helpful way.

Should I drug test a young person? & Drug tests how and why

Drug tests and cheep and readily available but forcing a young person to use them can do more harm than good. Help parents understand the pros and cons of drug testing a young person.

Will they grow out of this?

Many young people who try drugs or alcohol don’t go on to experience problems. For the small percentage who do, there are many different pathways into problems with drugs and many pathways young people can take to move on from them.

Ice understanding how it works & Ice – tips for supporting a young person

Misinformation about Ice is a growing problem for parents. Reduce fear by helping family members’ access accurate and balanced info (and practical tried and tested tips).