Do you know your Suboxone from your Seroquel? Your Methadone from your Methamphetamines? Take the drug facts quiz and test your AOD knowledge.
What are you on if you’re ‘robotripping’?


A: Caffeine

B: A Sci-fi film binge

C: Cough medicine containing a combination of codeine and paracetamol

D: Dextromethorphan (DMX)

Popularised by ‘Lil Wayne, ‘Lean’ is a cocktail of which substances?


A. Vodka and ‘liquid fertiliser’ (Mephadrone)

B. Cocaine with a chaser of bourbon

C. Pain stop liquid mixed with vodka and garnished with a gummy bear or hard candy

D. GHB mixed with any form of spirit and served on the rocks

As of April 1st 2014, What Did Australian pharmacists begin phasing out?


A. Methadone that contained sugar and artificial colouring

B. Over the counter cough medicine containing codeine

C. Oxyconitin tablets that could be crushed, dissolved and potentially injected

D. Dispensing fees for customers picking up pharmocotherapy takeaway doses

Which of the following drugs are stimulants (uppers)?


A. Amphetamines

B. Alcohol

C. Ketamine

D. Xanax

What Drug are ‘Fantasy’, ‘liquid ecstasy,’ cherry meth and ‘blue nitro’ all street names for?


A. Ketamine



D. Buprenorphine

Can you Find the 9 letter word (hint: it's a drug!)










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(Answers: D,C,C,A,B, Marijuana. Follow the links for more info and explinations.)