The Christmas and holiday season can be an especially difficult time for many young people and families. It’s also a time when many services temporarily close or when workers take a well-earned break.

Sometimes this can create great opportunities for young people to spend a bit of time with a little less support or worker contact than normal but other times particular young people may not be at a point where this is a benefit. No doubt workers will plan ahead with young people they support and let them know of useful after hours supports, services and numbers.

Don’t forget that YoDAA will continue to provide a service over this time. Although not an emergency service, YoDAA is staffed by experienced youth drug and alcohol workers, they just may have the practical tips, strategies or reassurance to help a young person manage until their usual supports are available again.


Let us know if your service wants some YoDAA posters or cards and remind young people and their families about how to contact us.