Findings from the 2012 -2016 Mission Australia and Black Dog Institutes Youth Mental Health Survey

Mission Australia’s and The Black Dog Institutes 2012-2016 Youth Mental Health Survey 5 year report breaks down its findings, key policy recommendations, issues of concern for young people, and how young people seek help. It highlights the need for mental health to be addressed in schools with additional funding, for culturally sensitive services and for something other than face to face session to be explored.

The report shows that:

  • 13.2% of young people aged 15 – 19 years old with a Probably Serious Mental Illness (PSMI) are concerned about drugs compared to 7.0% of young people who do not have a PSMI.
  • 74.9% of young people with a PSMI identified coping with stress as their main concern, followed by 59.6% saying school and studying problems came second.
  • 85.3% of young people 15 -19 years old identified their friends as their main source of support and help, with 82.0% identifying parents next and 65.5% identifying family or a relative third

You can read the rest of the findings and other reports on the Mission Australia website. If you are interested in the previous survey results you can read YoDAAs write up.

Young people often say that they use substances because of an undiagnosed or diagnosed mental health issues, finding out if it is a drug problem, a mental health concern or something else is really helpful to young people. Helping a young person to identify their mental health as a positive resource can encourage all round good health.