No time to read 900 pages of the Victorian Governments Inquiry into Methamphetamine supply and use? YACVic has come to the rescue with an easy to read summary of findings.

YACVic s Victorian Rural Youth Service Initiative (VRYS) has published a Summary Paper of the September 2014 Inquiry.

It includes dot points of the key findings in the inquiry and links to relevant sections.   

It also includes this brief position statement;

“From YACVic and the VRYS’s perspective, it is vital that the evidence gathered through this inquiry be used to inform flexible, responsive and youth-friendly service delivery that also monitors and addresses issues that arise through the (AOD) recommissioning process.”

You can read the full Inquiry into the Supply and Use of Methamphetamines, particularly Ice, in Victoria here. Also check out YoDAAs latest resources Top tips for working with young people using meth  and Understanding How Ice works (article for young people).