YoDAA’s unique model means we are the place for new drug info.

YoDAA has a dedicated team ready to answer your questions about youth AOD need-especially regarding new drugs. If we don’t immediately have the answers or resources we can do a bit of digging and research for you.

Even better, being in touch with our state-wide network of partners means we can quickly establish what is happening at the coal face and establish who is seeing what in terms of drug trends and patterns. Being in touch with so many Youth AOD workers means we can sometimes be ahead of the stats and research. It also allows us to disseminate info and news to a wide audience such as the following:

New pill warning

"Strawberry quick"- flavoured amphetamine

"Lean"-the new legal high?

"DXM-isolated use or new trend?"

Synthetic cannabis resources for workers

So, if you hear of an unfamiliar substance being used by young people in your area, or you want to report an emerging trend, contact us at YoDAA. We want to hear from you!