YoDAA partners have informed us of a particularly potent batch of heroin that is currently available in Melbourne (Victoria Street, Richmond)

Very sadly this substance may have already been responsible for one fatal overdose.

Some youth AOD workers have reported that heroin dealers may be using this product to entice people who have switched from heroin to amphetamines in recent years.

Information about potency, reduced tolerance and what to do in the event of an overdose may save the life of a young person you work with.

In recent years as information about opiates has been overshadowed by talk about amphetamines it is understandable that some Youth AOD workers may be less familiar with heroin than other substances. If this is you, YoDAA can provide 1:1 over the phone support, info and advice.

Check out the below resources for workers and young people & let us know of any trends in substance use you are noticing.

Heroin Fast Facts for Workers

Using a pill or powder for the first time (video for young people)

Staying as safe as you can (article for young people)

Tips for helping a friend who has had too much (article for young people)