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The Conversation website has published an article by Associate Professor Nicole Lee titled "Fact check: Is ice more dangerous and addictive than any other illegal drug?".  

The article considers the research into the current rates of methamphetamine use, which has shown that population rates of use have not increased, however the form used by those who do use methamphetamine has shifted to the more potent crystalline form.  This means that while there aren't larger numbers of people using methamphetamine, those who do use are experiencing more harm.  

The article then goes on to consider the research into the harms of methamphetamine.  In Victoria there are an average of 4.7 methamphetamine-related ambulance attendances per day, which is less than alcohol (34 call-outs per day), benzodiazepines (8.3 attendances per day) and heroin (5.1 attendances per day).