It’s impossible for Youth AOD workers to be up to speed with every emerging drug trend. Being across the basics of the drugs young people you support are using best places you to provide accurate info and effective harm reduction advice.

Recently YoDAA has heard a few reports of young people in Victoria using Dextromethorphan (DXM). DXM is not a drug we commonly across when doing drug and alcohol assessments and local information about DXM is a bit thin on the ground. What we do know is:

  • DXM is a legal ingredient found in ‘over the counter’ cough syrups or cold and flu medications.
  • Check out these examples of medicines that contain DXM.
  • YoDAA has put together a fast facts article. It covers some of the basics and importantly looks at strategies to reduce harm.
  • Info from the US where DXM is more commonly used, suggests use usually springs up in a particular area or as a fad amongst particular groups and then fades. So far reports that YoDAA is aware of have been from rural areas of Victoria.

Are you working with young people using DXM? Contact YoDAA and let us know.