Introducing Cracks in the Ice, a government based website supporting families, workers and the community.

In April of 2015 on the back of the National Ice Taskforces introduction came the conclusion that families, workers and communities were in need of support. So the government released Cracks in the Ice, a website that has resources, information and training about methamphetamine. While there might be a few gaps in the information that is provided, there are guidelines for frontline workers and online training

While it is important for public information campaigns like Cracks in the Ice we need to be conscious that there might be repercussions from the current ways government and media are dealing with methamphetamine use and users. The AoD sector is heading in the direction of having a more nuanced, researched-based approach towards methamphetamines. Here is an article explaining evidence based work.

YoDAA has resources for worker working with young people using methamphetamine. If you are working with a parent who is asking questions about methamphetamine they can visit our website or drop us a line. Dovetail has a great video for workers on methamphetamine for you to check out.  

Parents can check out these great videos that YoDAA developed to help talk to young people about drug use for the first time or how to keep them safe if they are using