Sensitive, thoughtful, funny, balanced and well made. These are not usually words we use to describe drug education videos but this 28 minute film developed by researchers at the UBC School of Nursing is not like any drug ed video you have ever seen before.

Cycles is set in a fictional high school and follows the story of one young person as he navigates friendships, family relationships, a part time job and close relationship. It completely sidesteps moral preaching, health warnings and scare tactics and instead presents real life dilemmas, strengths and choices of relatable young people.

Far from preaching to young people about why drugs are bad it is designed to create space for open and honest conversations about why some young people use cannabis.

It comes with facilitator’s guide with lesson plans, teaching tips, student handouts, and quick facts about cannabis use. While the facilitator’s guide is currently available in English only, the video is available with French subtitles. YoDAA rates this teaching resource 5/5!