Working with young people who us cannabis? Take your harm minimisation to the next level with YoDAA's top 5 most shareable cannabis resources.

1. Cannabis and Driving Getting P plates is an exciting time for young people we work with but can add a layer of risk to themselves and others on the road. This webinar explores the impact cannabis use has on driving and is so interesting you will want to bring it to your team meeting.

2. Vaporisers are an excellent option for reducing the risk of chronic bronchitis and other lung complaints associated with smoking cannabis (or any other drug for that matter). Understand what they do, and what current research says about their use then share this link with a young person.

3. Cannabis and Tobacco  Often overlooked, tobacco dependency can throw a real spanner in the works for a young person wanting to address cannabis use. This webinar explores the practice of mulling up tobacco with cannabis and the implications for Youth AOD work. 

4. More to cannabis than THC When we think of cannabis, we think of THC but did you know there are over 40 different active ingredients in every bud? The canaboid CBD has gained attention in recent years for it’s anti-psychotic properties. Get the full story on this and other canaboids here

5. Finaly, when it comes to substance use, it can be a struggle to get everyone member of a young person’s support team on the same page (and with access to the same up to date information). Cannabis – Fast facts for workers is YoDAA’s classic resource for any worker (AOD, youth, housing, you name it). Fast facts for schools, words teachers up with the same information and approach whilst Fast facts for families can help worried parents understand what’s going on. Finally, Cannabis - A heads up is YoDAA’s quintessential guide for young people.