Self-help Options

Different support options suit different people. Not everyone needs a service or counsellor when they are worried about their drug or alcohol use. If you think self-directed help is for you, these articles, tips and tools may help.

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Staying as safe as you can

Regardless of what you use, you can always try to be as safe as possible...

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Weighing up where you are at

Not sure what to do about your drug use? That’s pretty normal. Like any one who uses drugs, there are probably some things you like about using and no doubt some things that aren’t so good....

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Setting a goal for your drug use

You have more chance of realizing your goals if you write them down and think through how you'll achieve them...

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Problem solving

Learning ways to tackle and address problems can make managing your life and your use of drugs or alcohol a lot easier....

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Making the decision to change your drug use

Making a decision to change or not can be a difficult one. Using simple tools and asking key questions can help you come to the right decision for you. ...

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Looking after yourself when you’re using

Good physical health protects us against a stack of things. Here are some tips to staying healthy no matter what you are using (or not)....


What is a hot shot?

A hot shot is either a lethally large amount of heroin (or other opiate), or ...

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