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YoDAA Who is a typical AOD client

It is hard to pin point “who a typical AoD client” would be. There are so many individual things that make each client different, their gender and identity, age, religious beliefs, and socio economic backgrounds. However at times there are clear similarities in which young people suffer from a psychosocial vulnerability such as mental health, family conflict, health problems or trauma. To understand “who a typical aod client is” better watch this video

Patterns of drugs use

Is it just “experimentation” or an issue that requires specialist attention? Learn about the five main patterns of drug use (and how to approach each one!) in this helpful video

Why is a young person using drugs or alcohol?

All young people’s substance use has a purpose, meaning or function. Some young people might use substances for recreational and social reasons, while others might use them to help them sleep or overcome trauma. Understanding why a young person is using drugs is the first step in matching them to support options that will actually work. For more understanding, watch this video.

What if a young person refuses to talk about drugs or alcohol?

Getting a young person to open up about their substance use can be difficult at times. Sometimes a change in direction of conversation or even changing how the conversation is being delivered can change the outcome. Don’t give up there is lots that you can do, have you tried changing the venue of the conversation or the method in which the message is delivered? This video helps come up with ways to think outside the box when it comes to communicating with young people. 

What if a young person I care for doesn’t want to change their drug use?

It can be incredibly disheartening for families/ carers to continuously hear that there is little that can be done unless a young person wants to change. YoDAA believes that there is a lot that can do be done!  Watch this video for more information and where to start.

Tips for talking to a young person about their drug use for the first time.

Talking to a young person about substance use can be daunting! The YoDAA team have these conversations with young people every day and share their top tips for approaching the conversation or check out this handy video or drop YoDAA a line for some support. 

Will a young person’s life be ruined if they take drugs or alcohol?

The first time you hear about a young person using substances it is understandable that you might want to panic. Research tells us again and again that a young person with connections to family and community have a greater chance of overcoming substance use. Furthermore there are concrete steps that you can take to protect a young person from harm related to drugs and steer them towards a healthy and safe future. Click the link for more.

How can I get a young person I care about into detox or rehab?

By far YoDAA’s most frequently asked question! Understand what a stay at rehabilitation looks like and if this is the right option for a young person you care about. Many callers are unaware that rehab is only one of many support services that help young people address substance use. The YoDAA team can help you weigh up all the options and find a service that is right for you.

I found out a young person I care for is taking drugs….now what?

What an incredibly stressful and confusing time it can be finding out that a young person is using substances. No matter what stage, is at there is always hope! There is research and services that you might not be aware of yet. While it's easy to jump to conclusions  it's important to check in with your emotions and not pass them on to your child. If you are unsure where to start give YoDAA a call, we can help you plan a conversation with your child or start with this video

How do I keep a young person I care for safe?

Parenting is a lifelong process of looking out for a young person’s safety! Working out what risks they may take next and being one step ahead. Suspecting a young person is using drugs adds a layer of complexity & worry. Fortunately there is an abundance of research and information to guide parents and caregivers through this difficult task. We’ve summarised the best of it & even made a video.

Boundaries and Consequences

Young people need boundaries and consequences to grow, develop and thrive. Boundaries and consequences look different in every home and need to change to reflect the young person’s developmental stage. Understand how to develop boundaries you can keep and consequences that don’t make things worse!

What is YoDAA

YoDAA is Victoria’s Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice, run by YSAS. We find that families/carers are in the best position to see emerging problems in young people, we work with them to provide support and advice.

The YoDAA website is a simple and quick way to access youth AoD advice, information and up to date facts.

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Day programs

Day programs, sometimes called ‘drop in centres’ are safe places where a young person can go during the day and seek help for substance use....

Needs a service


When you consider how much time young people spend talking to their friends online or on their phones, it is not surprising that some are more comfortable talking to support workers in this way too....

Drug Facts

Cannabis - Fast facts for families

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia and is the most commonly used drug by young people accessing support services....


What is a UDS?

A UDS is a Urine Drug Screen. It’s a test that means taking a ...

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