Understanding how to help

Advice and info for you, when a young person:

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Before Services get involved - Waiting vs Preparation

Helping a Young person through their drug use can be a long, exhausting journey for families. If a young person finds themselves feeling ready to change, it can frustrating to find there are waiting times for services....

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Scaring a young person into not using drugs

Using scare tactics can be hugely tempting when talking about drugs with a young person you care about. ...

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Should I Drug Test a Young Person?

If you suspect that a young person you care about is using drugs it is understandable that you will want to know the truth as soon as possible to help the situation. ...

Understanding how to help

Drug Tests – How and Why?

Tests that claim to show weather or not a young person has been using drugs are a tempting option for family members concerned about a persons behaviour. But are drug tests everything they are cracked up to be? ...

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Ice- tips for supporting a young person

So much information about ice is worrying. Families constantly tell YoDAA that they struggle to understand the nature of the problems their loved one is facing....

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What you’ll be asked when seeking help

Youth Drug and Alcohol services receive referrals from families all the time. Understanding what will happen when you ring a service can make it an easier experience for families and carers. ...

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Will they grow out of this?

Many young people who try drugs or alcohol don’t go on to experience problems. For the small percentage who do, there are many different pathways into problems with drugs and many pathways young people can take to move on from them....

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Identifying signs that drugs might be a problem

Understanding the signs will help you be observant and pay attention to a young person’s welfare. ...

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The role of family in overcoming drug problems

Sometimes you can feel really helpless when a young person you care about is experiencing drug problems. It would be nice to think that “sending them off” to a treatment program would make things OK yeah? ...

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Limits and Consequences

It’s common to feel exasperated trying to set limits and respond when limits are breached (especially around drug use). Here are some ideas that may help you....

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Knowing when Alcohol and Drug use is a problem

“He just doesn’t seem to see that he has a problem! I’m beside myself with worry and he just comes home like everything’s normal.”...

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Effective Communication

Sometimes it can seem as though you are always fighting, arguing or disagreeing with a young person. This can be frustrating for both of you. ...

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Communicating your concerns about drug or alcohol use

Telling a young person you suspect they are using drugs or that you suspect their use is a problem is potentially one of the hardest conversations to have. ...


My mum is always ringing my worker. What can they tell her?

Your worker will only tell your mum (or anyone else) what you have said they ...

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