YoDAA met with young people in drug and alcohol treatment. Here's what they had to say.

Transition from rehabilitation is a massive step.  

YoDAA met with young people who are about to leave rehabilitation and asked what they would like the community they are returning to know. Here's what they said.

“Our use doesn’t define who we are”

“Just because we have made bad choices, it doesn’t mean we are bad people”

“I am not JUST an addict”

“There is no shame in asking for help”

“Times have changed and everything is different”

“Don’t worry so much and try to trust me”

“I am going to make mistakes and you can’t hold my hand”

“Our use doesn’t define who we are”

“This isn’t how it is, listen to the change (in society)”

“There is always a reason why”

“Don’t alienate me and try to put yourself in my shoes”

“My mistakes will give me resilience”

“My mistakes will help me make better choices in the future”

These are client quotes. For confidentiality reasons we do not use names.

Editors note (Thank you to the young people for their time, contribution and expertise)